My Toolbox

For Saving Things I Want to Remember Later

Roam Research

Roam is my Second Brain. It’s where all things I want to remember go to be easily retrieved when I need them. I use it primarily for Note-Taking. Any interesting or helpful knowledge from books, podcasts, articles, video, etc., are stored nicely in Roam. It helps me capture, process, and use my notes to create valuable content.

Apple Notes

I use Apple Notes to quickly capture thoughts or ideas I want to remember for later. I try to process these notes into Roam once a week. I also use Notes as a sketchbook. Sometimes I can think clearer when I draw a concept or idea, instead of just writing about it.

Apple Reminders

If there’s a one-off task I want to do at a certain place, I use the Reminders app to notify me when I get to that place. For example, earlier I asked Siri to set a reminder to “Air up Sophia’s bike tire” when I get home. Using my GPS, my iPhone will notify me of this reminder when I arrive at home.


Things is where the bulk of my task-management happens. All of my commitments and project related tasks are stored in Things. I like Things for it’s simplicity, design, and deep iOS integration. It is my favorite GTD tool.

For Communication

Spark Email

I’ve been using Spark since my Dad recommended it to me years ago. Spark is built by Readdle, a company that specializes in productivity apps. I like using tools, especially core apps, built by companies I know are in it for the long haul, and the team behind Spark is one of those companies.

Apple Messenger

Apple’s Messenger app is good. I use it mostly out of convenience.


I’m only using WhatsApp because that’s what other people like to use. I actually don’t care for the app. My biggest problem with it is that there is currently not a native iPadOS app. 


Cocoon is a fairly new app I use for staying connected with family. I don’t use Facebook, so it’s nice to have a way to easily share quick updates with the fam in a private way. 

For Capturing and Editing Photos & Video

VSCO – Photos

VSCO has been a part of my toolbox for a long time. Though it’s not the most efficient way, I do like using the camera function inside the app to take my photos when I have time. The iPhone can capture images in RAW format, but there is currently not a way to do this using the standard camera app. Photographing in RAW gives me more flexibility to adjust my images and works better for the filters I use in VSCO.

ProCam – Video

When shooting video, I like to have control over white balance, frame rate, and exposure. You are able to adjust exposure with the standard video app, but it’s not that great. The default video app also shoots film at 30fps, and I prefer the look of 24fps.