Do common things uncommonly well

“What makes you different?”

A question I come across often by the authors of books and articles in the world of entrepreneurship.

There seems to be an obsession with being different. I’m told that if I can’t clearly state what makes my business unique then I shouldn’t plan on doing well.

What I haven’t thought about until now is that there isn’t much competition for businesses doing common things uncommonly well. I don’t see enough of is people willing to put in the time and effort to get good at the fundamentals. Just by doing this, we will not only meet the expectations of those we care to serve but regularly exceed them.

If a business does what I expect it to do, I am much more inclined to come back. And if they can consistently deliver on those expectations they are the first place I turn when I need help with whatever problem they solve, and I recommend them to others.

The lesson for me then is not to concern myself with the need to be different, but to focus on executing the basics consistently, and do common things uncommonly well.